Couples' Interactions Study


You and your partner are eligible to participate if you

  • Have been dating/together for more than 6 months but less than 15 years
  • Are both at least 18 years old

The Study 

  • Answer a ~40 min survey online
  • During a ~2.5 hour lab visit at the University of Minnesota
    • Do a computer task
    • Answer questions
    • Have several private but video recorded interactions with your partner
      • During some interactions, we will monitor your physiological signals, such as heart rate, using non-invasive sensors
      • In one discussion, you will work together on a task
      • In one discussion, you will try to resolve an important problem in your relationship
  • Answer a ~5 min survey online 3 months after the lab session


  • Flexible 
  • Available days, nights, and weekends


  • An Amazon gift card of $80 as a couple
    • The gift card will cover $35 per person + $5 per person to reimburse you for any parking or transportation expenses
  • For UMN students in a class offering REP points, 7 REP points are available instead of your portion of the gift card

Contact information

Email for more information or to sign up to participate