• Allison Farrell has a postdoctoral position at Wayne State University working with Dr. Richard Slatcher on the topic of relationships and health.
  • Emma Marshall has a tenured faculty position at Deakin Univeristy in Australia studying attachment, aging, trauma, and palliative care.
  • Jennifer Fillo has a postdoctoral position at SUNY-Buffalo studying the effects of alcohol use on relationships.
  • John Myers has a faculty position at Northern Arizona University.
  • Ohad Szepsenwol has a tenure-track faculty position at Yezreel Valley College in Israel studying personal and educational outcomes from a life history perspective.
  • Ethan Young has received a Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship for his work on executive functions from an evolutionary perspective. 
  • Will Johnson has a tenure-track faculty position at Widener University.
  • We are delighted to welcome two new members to the lab. Maggie Jaeger and Monique Nakamura will join us in the fall of 2018!