Research Assistants


General RA Information

The typical RA spends 6-9 hours in the lab for 3 hours of PSY 5993 credit. Committed volunteers are also welcome. RAs are expected to participate in lab meetings (typically biweekly) that involve discussions of current research in the field, professional development, and other topics relevant to psychology, careers, and future education with a degree in psychology. At the end of the PSY 5993 experience, most RAs are eligible to receive a letter of recommendation from the lab when applying to graduate school or related jobs.

We typically accept applications for new RAs in April/May (for the summer term), August/September (for the fall semester), and November/December (for the spring semester). Announcements for new applications will all be posted to this website and shared in Psych Scoop. 

If you have questions, please email Jami Eller (

We are not currently accepting any new RAs for the Summer of 2020. Fall 2020 RA hiring announcements will be posted in August.