Research Assistants


General RA Information

The typical RA spends 6-9 hours in the lab for 3 hours of PSY 5993 credit. Committed volunteers are also welcome. RAs are expected to participate in lab meetings (typically biweekly) that involve discussions of current research in the field, professional development, and other topics relevant to psychology, careers, and future education with a degree in psychology. At the end of the PSY 5993 experience, most RAs are eligible to receive a letter of recommendation from the lab when applying to graduate school or related jobs.

We typically accept applications for new RAs in April/May (for the summer term), August/September (for the fall semester), and November/December (for the spring semester). Announcements for new applications will all be posted to this website and shared in Psych Scoop. 

If you have questions, please email Jami Eller (

Fall 2019 Positions

All applicants should fill out the following application link:

You will have an opportunity to designate the project(s) you are interested in within the application. 

Co-Parenting Study: Data Collection

We are seeking enthusiastic, conscientious, and detail-oriented students to work on a project about co-parenting behaviors. We will be collecting data (e. g., running participants) from parents and their child (age 3-5) on a project about differences in parenting behaviors. Because we have many community participants, we have to be flexible in scheduling the lab sessions. That means sometimes working on nights or weekends, and the schedule will change from week to week (but sessions are scheduled around your availability). Successful applicants will have multiple chunks of 3+ hours available per week. Prospective research assistants should be able to commit approximately 9 hours of work per week. Preference will be given to students that are able to commit for more than one semester. 

Health Behaviors: Participant Management and Data Collection

We are looking for a small team of conscientious, detail-oriented research assistants to help with a daily diary study examining health-related social exchanges in romantic couples. RAs will help recruit participants, pilot the daily diary technology and study materials, and will help train participants in how to use the daily diary survey technology. RAs will gain experience in how to run longitudinal studies with daily assessments that involve romantic couples. RAs are also expected to attend bi-weekly lab meetings, where they will learn more about social psychological research and careers in psychology.

Parenting Videos: Behavioral Coding

We are seeking conscientious, detail-oriented, and technologically savvy students to work on a project coding behaviors of new parents. RAs will be coding constructive and destructive behaviors demonstrated in both conflict and support discussions between romantically involved first-time parents. RAs may also be involved in some data management tasks. Scheduling will be extremely flexible and can be worked around your availability. However, applicants must be able to commit approximately 9 hours of work per week. Preference will be given to students who are able to commit for more than one semester. 

Political Attitudes/Online Dating Memory: Data and Participant Management

This assignment will involve two research projects. The first will be examining the association between political attitudes and different relationship dynamics for romantic couples that have only been together for 1-4 months. This study will be starting up in the Fall of 2019. The other study will be examining the perceptions and memory of online dating success. Tasks for the semester will involve heavy recruitment, managing and organizing participants, participating in a weekly lab meeting and data management. This opportunity would be ideal for someone who would like a flexible schedule and has great organizational skills.