Research Assistants

Spring 2018 Lab Projects

Past Relationship Coding

Understanding how people reflect on the past is an important aspect of psychology and relationship science. In a series of phone interviews, people were asked to reflect on and answer questions about experiences in a past relationship. We are seeking motivated RAs to help with understanding and interpreting responses in these recorded interviews. It is likely that RAs will be involved in projects outside of this but the main focus will be on the phone interviews.

Relationships and Decision-Making Coding

We collected video-recordings of couples making financial decisions together. We are seeking RAs to help with coding the couple interaction videos for different strategies that partners use to influence each other.

The typical RA will spend 6-9 hours in the lab for PSY 5993 credit, though committed volunteers are also welcome. RAs are also expected to participate in biweekly lab meetings that involve discussions of current research in the field, professional development, and other topics relevant to psychology and careers/future education with a degree in psychology. At the end of this experience, most RAs will be eligible to receive a letter of recommendation from the lab which can be used when applying to graduate school or for jobs. We look forward to reviewing your application!

If you are interested in applying to work in our lab, please click here for the application.

If you have questions about the application process, please email Chloe Huelsnitz.